Virginia Hey

Virginia Hey has a very impressive international career starring in many multi award-winning Films & TV series as a main-cast actress, (never background):
Farscape Blue Priestess ”Zhaan”. TV series, 50 episodes;
Road Warrior/Mad Max 2 ”Warrior Woman”;
Bond film The Living Daylights ”Rubavich”;
Prisoner Cellblock-H TV series ”Leigh Templer”;
Dr Who audio book, White Ghosts as ”Bengel”,
Rick & Morty (Voice); Plus various Australian TV series internationally syndicated, including, Neighbours as ”Beth Travers”, Home & Away as ”Gillian”, E Street as ”Jennifer St. James” and Pacific Drive as ”Margaux Hayes”.
And many films and TV series all the way back to 1981.
In 1981 she appeared in a music video for “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles, then went on tour with their smash hit as a back-up singer. The video is remembered best for being the first music video broadcast on MTV in 1981.
Before that, in the 70’s, Virginia starred in 57 TV commercials and was a top fashion model in Australia. Miss Hey was also a fashion editor for two magazines in Australia the 90s in-between acting work. Always a regular guest on TV Chat shows and fashion magazines in Australia 1976-2019.
Currently Miss Hey is semi retired.