Tom Skerritt

Skerritt has been favored an acting career in several Oscar winners and classics among the movies he’s been in, including; M*A*S*H, THE TURNING POINT, ALIEN, A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, STEEL MAGNOLIAS, TOP GUN, CONTACT. Twice Golden Globe nominee and Best Actor Emmy for his Emmy Award series, PICKET FENCES, he has done OUR TOWN with director Bart Sherr, performed on Broadway in John Grisham’s, A TIME TO KILL and recently in the Pacific NW Ballet production of Don Quixote.

He served four years in the US military, before entering Wayne State University as an English Major, transferring to UCLA to learn screenwriting, where he developed interest in directing film. To learn how to direct actors, he began acting in local theater. A theater performance led to a professional acting role in a film, WAR HUNT, where he met other young hopefuls, Robert Redford and the late Sydney Pollock. He also befriended a television director, Robert Altman, with whom he mentored for several years prior to working in M*A*S*H. He also mentored with Hal Ashby, Ridley and Tony Scott and has directed TV episodes of PICKET FENCES, CHICAGO HOPE, ALLIE MCBEAL, long form cable TV film, as well as theatre.

Along with the late, Stewart Stern, (REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE), and other film and story focused educators, Skerritt founded The Film School in 2003, a program teaching the Storytelling process. The Film School has become synonymous with forward-looking and effective training for the basis of good storytelling. In 2012, Skerritt began The Red Badge Project, a program to teach Storytelling to PTS men and women Vets at JBLM and VA vet centers.

He is currently developing a Seattle centered new media content provider, HEYOU MEDIA HOLDINGS INC, focused on future content needs of mobile media and home entertainment.