NY Cosplayer Network

The N.Y. Cosplayer Network is an all genre costume performing group, with members from all demographics and fandoms!
We have appeared on several media from Good morning America, to an in depth interview done on us by the NY Times!
We have two subgroups that are heavily involved in charity and appearances also; Starbase Centaur 42-10, a star trek social,
and the Marvel Universe Cosplayer Network! We also enjoy costume workshops, networking with others in the geek community,
and we heavily support local comic stores and comic festivals/ conventions. Our community page can be found on fb, twitter, and instagram.

The NY Cosplayer Network and the Heroes Charity Organization produces Cosplay showcases and Cabarets, where we bring to the stage
some of the most talented and artistic costume performers in the tri-state area! From singers to dancers, and everything in between, we offer
magic and dazzle for all ages to enjoy! Also, all audience members are welcomed to dress up, clap, dance and let their imaginations run free,
as our performers bring great excitement to any convention or festival!