Mike Lilly

Mike Lilly is a professional comic book artist who studied with Carmine Infantino at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Rich Buckler at Visage Studios and interned at Valiant Comics in the early 90’s.
He’s gone on to work on such titles as The Tick, Van Helsing, Grimm Fairy Tales, Nightwing, Vampirella, Black Terror, Annihilation Conquest Quasar, Detective Comics, Marvel Knights, Catwoman, Punisher, and Dungeons & Dragons (to name a few).

Mike contributed an exclusive cover to DC Comic’s landmark Detective Comics #1000.
His work on Vampirella Revelations from Harris Comics won him an Art Show Award of Excellence from I-CON 25.

Recently he’s done sketch card work for DYNAMITE on such licenses as KISS, Bettie-Page, Dejah Thoris, Women of Cosplay and Vampirella’s 50th Anniversary sets.
He’s also contributed sketchcards for Star Wars Heritage, Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Lord of the Rings Masterpieces, Universal Monster’s Frankenstein, Marvel Comic’s The Avengers, DC Comic’s Legacy and Breygent’s Vampirella.
Besides publishers like: Marvel, DC Comics, Zenescope, Dynamite, Kingstone, and New England Comics, his client list includes NIKE, MakerBot, Scholastic, Kreiss Furnishings, sci-fi novelist Adam Train and work with Stan Lee for the NHL.

Currently Mike is working with WWE wrestlers Lana and Rusev for Source Point Comics on a new comic book project, continues to pencil covers for Zenescope’s line of books, comic book and concept art for feature film director Paul McDonnell (The Film Artists) as well as other movie projects, work for Thrilling Nostalgia Comics, covers for indy comic Proxima, revamping his co-creator owned comic: The Mercury Chronicles and work on his own property: Man-Mountain with his son Robert.

Concurrently he works on many private commissions and travels to conventions around the US and abroad.
Mike resides in NYC with his wife and son.