Barbie Chula NYC

Barbie Chula is an Italian Cosplayer from New York City who works in fashion, graphic design and media. She combined both her passions of art, fitness and Modeling into the Cosplay world.

Barbie is very famous for her horror cosplays, make up skills, and her unique characters created from scratch and some modified to fit her persona.

Each of her characters has its own backstory, which is what brings them to life and makes them special and unique in everyway. Barbie incorporates her polyhedral artistic talent (acting, singing, illustrating) in order to transform into her lively and exclusive characters.

She has many appearances in most of the popular horror events and conventions. She also includes her world famous haunted dolls made by The Scary Closet and the exclusive props made for her characters. These props are created and modified by her, showcasing her many skills.