Anthony Simcoe

Anthony Simcoe is a graduate of Syndey’s National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA). He holds a specialized qualification in Actor Training and lectures regularly for NIDA, as well as teaching and directing at various others institutions. He is best known in Australia for his role as Steve Kerrigan in The Castle and better know throughout the rest of the world for his portrayal of D’Argo on Farscape.

Anthony has acted and directed extensively for the theatre. He has appeared in Three Winters Green and Complaints at the Stables. Open house at Belvoir Street and Peter Pan for the Queensland Theatre Company. He also wrote and performed Craving at the Sydney Street Theatre Space and toured with the Queensland Arts Council in World Games.

His television credits include A Country Practice, Water Rats, Stingers, Beastmaster, The Lost World, Dogwoman, and Blackjack. Anthony’s film work includes Mr. Reliable and Chameleon. He and fellow Farscape cast member Wayne Pygram work together in Anthony’s band called Signal Room.