7:00pm: “They said THAT?” A Farscape Quiz Game
Panelists and contestants are quizzed in humorous ways about Farscape. Surprise special quests may participate!

8:00pm: ZEN PRODUCTIONS NY Presents: REPO! – The Genetic Opera Shadow Cast and Cosplay!!
In the mid-21st century, an epidemic of organ failures leads to the rise of GeneCo., a company providing transplants at a great price. Those who miss their payments become targets of GeneCo. mercenaries, who repossess the organs. Be part of Zen’s LIVE production to the Movie. Zen Productions is the New York area leader in live Shadowcast productions, Cosplay and Entertainment.


6:00pm: Post Apocalyptic Storytelling
Charles Battersby – A presentation lecture and slideshow.

7:00pm: Cosplay, Charity and Community
Members of the Heroes Group and NYCosplayer Network share how to structure and present your brand in a professional manner and how you can make a positive impact in your community.

8:00pm: Transgender Cosplay
Charles Battersby – A discussion panel with examples for those in Cosplay.


11:00am: 2019 Best of in Sci-Fi
Hosted by Celebrated Writer Alex Schvartsman – Authors, Editors, Filmakers and Critics will let YOU the audience know what was the best in Science Fiction. What you may have missed .With Carl Paolino, Ken Albatef, Greg Cox, Joe Mauceri.

12:00pm: Battlestar Galactica Panel
Meet the cast of one of Sci-Fi’s most beloved shows!

1:00pm: Cosplay Cabaret Extravaganza
Wintercon’s Cosplay Cabaret will be a fun filled talent showcase, where popular cosplayers will show off their unique talents in the form of singing, dancing, and other artistic forms…all in cosplay! Be prepared to be dazzled!

2:00pm: Alien Cast Panel
Tom Skerritt and Veronica Cartwright take you into the production of one of Sci-Fi’s greatest movies.

3:00pm: Alien: The Play
Meet the cast and Director from the hit play that took the internet by storm!!  See some of the video and props that gave life to this spectacular show!

4:00pm: Farscape Cast Panel
Hosted by Guest Author Greg Cox. Meet our Celebrity Guests on the WinterCon Main Stage. An opportunity to ask questions of your favorite actors about their Farscape Experience.

5:00pm: Saber Guild: Empire Temple Performance
Vin Ryban’s fondest wish is to become a Jedi Knight. Will he achieve his destiny or will the Dark Side destroy him and all that he stands for?
Find out in Saber Guild: Empire Temple’s original production of Star Wars: Shadow’s Reach!

6:00pm: Masquerade Cosplay Contest
Winter Con presents the LARGEST Cosplay Contest in the area! The Masquerade Cosplay Contest is a craftsmanship award show, with a pre-judging session and a catwalk display. Last year we had a great number of beautiful costumes be a part of our contest! We cant wait to see what will come this year!


11:00am: 2nd Rounds Podcast – NYC Edition
“So you want to start a Podcast” – will discuss tips & ideas on creating and managing a pop culture related Pod Cast – with 2nd Rounds Facilitators.

12:00pm: Giant Monsters – Mark Bailey
If you are a GIANT Monster Fan-this family friendly presentation by Movie Historian Mark Baily features the NYC Attack Map and Cinematic Destruction of NY City.

1:00pm: GOJIRA – King of the Monsters
65 Years ago this month Ishiro Honda’s original Gojira was released in Japan. 30 sequels later the obsession with “Godzilla” has made it’s way into toys, magazines, clothing, books and just about every aspect of culture. Sigmund Shen, Paolo Javier, Karl Joseph Ufert

2:00pm: Rod Serling in life and history – Nick Parisi
Biographer Nick Parisi discussed the challenges that Serling Faced when the Twilight Zone debuted in 1956. The Author will have books available to autograph

3:00pm: From Idea to Completion – the creation of a Cult Classic
Join Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon and hear the story of how everyones favorite Sci-Fi classic came to be!

4:00pm: Cosplay Photo Workshop
A workshop/presentation on getting what you need to find your comfort zone and create successful photos.

5:00pm: FEARS Magazine Presents
Writer, Editor and Horror Expert Joseph Mauceri and friends present the best of Horror 2019. What is Horror anyway? Was Aliens just a Space Horror Film?


11:00am: Rogue Alliance Lightsaber show

12:00pm: Kids Costume Showcase

1:00pm: Kids Jedi Training
Children ages 6-14 can take their first steps to become a Jedi. Every Child receives a free lightsaber!

2:00pm: Neverending Story cast panel

3:00pm: Farscape Costume Contest


11:00am: SURGE OF POWER a Screening
With Director Alex Fernandez this next chapter in the Film Series is previewed here at WIntercon. Big City’s greatest hero must team up with an unlikely hero – a Vampire….

12:00pm: 60th Anniversary Twilight Zone – Arlen Schumer
Pop Culture Historian Arlen Schumer traces the TZ’s roots in 20th century realism and its influence on media and pop culture. A unique multi-media presentation!

1:00pm: Create your SuperHero Universe
You’re an aspiring graphic novel writer, artist, writer and you want to create that unique world for your story to take place in. Learn from a Panel of professionals how they attack the questions that arise. Carl Paloino, Moderator, Ray Felix, Alex Schvartsman, Ken Albtef

2:00pm: A Dark and Stormy Night – Horror Shorts
Moderated by Josef Mauceri, Editor and Writer for FEAR Magazine – Enjoy Short Films by the top filmmakers in the Horror world!

3:00pm: Self Publishing Your Work – An Author Panel
A popular discussion with Published authors. Ask questions and get answers

4:00pm: Trailer Park – A preview of what’s to come
Preview what is coming up in the next year in Film. Brought to you by Joseph Mauceri

If you are interested in joining our programming contact us here: info@nywintercon.com