Terri Garber

Garber’s acting debut was as Allison Linden on the daytime soap opera Texas in 1982.[1] Her first feature film role in the 1984 action film Toy Soldiers.

Garber’s breakout role was wicked Southern belle Ashton Main in the 1985 ABC miniseriesNorth and South, It remains the seventh highest rated miniseries in TV history. Garber reprised the role for the 1986 sequel.

Terri Garber portrayed Leslie Carrington on the successful series Dynasty for 3 seasons and also appreared on the cover of TV Guide (1987).

Garber also appeared in many TV shows such as Quantum Leap, Twighlight Zone, Murder She Wrote, Midnight Caller , Sci-Fi movie Snakehead Swamp and soap opera’s Santa Barbara, As the World Turns and General Hospital.

Terri is an Entrepreneur venturing into the Hand Made Soap Business that her and her sister Lisa Rubenstein run called Sisters Alchemy. She resides in New York with her husband Theatrical Director William Roudebush.