Carol Rose

Carol Rose is a Model, Cosplayer, self-taught designer and over all Artist from New York. She is very sweet, a delight to speak to and loves connecting with others. She has been cosplaying since 2016 and started doing her own designs and creates them all herself since 2017-Present. She does all kinds of work. Raging from cosplay, lingerie, high-fashion, video work, conception shoots and ETC. Carol Rose is a huge Street Fighter fanatic, you will see her cosplay the legendary Chun-Li as well as other characters she loves. She is the creator of the M.Bison x Chun-Li design and made it completely herself. She absolutely loves creating unique cosplays that no one has ever done, as well as make cosplays of some original characters designs. Carol loves Marvel, comics, horror/action movies, latex, and collecting unique nerdy stuff as well as anything that has Roses. Carol goes crazy for Roses. She will be starting her own fashion/cosplay business selling her original custom design pieces. Art is her world, her passion, her zen. She loves nothing more than creativity and bringing what she envisions in her mind, to life. You will definitely hear so much more of her in the upcoming year, come by and say hello to Carol!