Bray Wyatt

The Superstar known as Bray Wyatt seems to have stepped out of the collective population’s nightmares and into our reality. A man shrouded in mystique, he has made it his mission to bring his macabre vision to WWE.

No matter how cryptic his message to the WWE Universe might be on any given day, The New Face of Fear has made it clear that he aims to lead his flock in search of some sort of a higher purpose. And from the moment The Eater of Worlds set foot in WWE, he and his followers would not disappoint, exuding an eerie and dangerous presence as they offered a very succinct message to all opposition: “Run!”

In the course of his dark mission, The Man of 1,000 Truths has engaged a slew of Superstars in battle, including Kane, John Cena and The Undertaker himself, leaving a lasting impression on any who dared to cross his path.

Soon that path would take Wyatt into the dreaded 2017 Elimination Chamber Match, where he survived not only Cena, but also Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, The Miz and Baron Corbin to seize his first WWE Championship.

After a twisted rivalry with Randy Orton, Wyatt moved to Raw in the Superstar Shake-up and became embroiled in a battle with “Woken” Matt Hardy. Wyatt was seemingly banished by Hardy in a memorable encounter at The Hardy Compound when he was thrown into The Lake of Reincarnation. He reemerged, however, at WrestleMania 34 where he surprisingly helped Hardy win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and subsequently formed an alliance with his former rival. The strange duo went on to win the vacant Raw Tag Team Titles at the first-ever Greatest Royal Rumble event.