Beautiful Dizazter

Beautiful Dizazter also known as Crystal Lee is a model, cosplayer and artist born and rasied in New York. She’s very open minded and down to earth but She’s definitely not your typical female. She love comic books, action movies, video games and also does martial arts as a hobby. You’ll see her doing all types of shoots from eye candy to high-fashion. She’s been featured in magazines like Vibe, Worked with celebrities like Howard Stern and has shot with Marvel comics as the character Storm from x-men. She originally began her career as a photographer and has recently branched out into VFX. Her new and upcoming projects include a new Tv show called Dizazter Tv as well as a new cartoon series named “Tha City” in where she play’s and illustrated the characters. She also own’s a Woman’s clothing line called Inked, nerdy and curvy. She love being creative and hope she can make something beautiful in the process. Most people ask her why do they call her Beautiful Dizazter. It’s because there’s more in the world then just beauty and she intend on expressing both the good and the bad things in life within her photos. Wheather it be as a model, photographer or an artist.